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Discover how you could have your own 24 hour live channel to promote your business.
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Digital Marketing Blueprints

We are not just into search engine rankings as just focussing on rankings is leaving a lot of money on the table. We are all about helping you get more customers or clients and ultimately more sales and more money in your pocket. RPJK Services are in the business consulting business with a primary focus on increasing ROI for our clients. We work as you online trusted advisor.
The starting point for an effective marketing plan is to have a Digital Marketing Blueprint created just for your business. Can you imagine a builder starting a building project without plans? It just does not happen. It should be the same with your business. The marketing blueprint will reveal exactly what to do to boost your ROI.
Contact us today to arrange a consultation in which we will outline what a Blueprint is and how it will help your business grow.
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Digital Marketing Strategy

Without the right Digital Marketing Strategy you are wasting your money. RPJK Services can set you up to boost your advertising dollars. Especially effective is a web ring to establish yourself in the marketplace and attract more business.

Video Marketing

Effective video marketing can deliver amazing results. If you need a high quality video to promote you business or service we are able to deliver this through our wide selection of video templates.

Search Engine Optimisation

When done right SEO can deliver amazing results. If you get it wrong you can suffer a Google slap and end up buried at the end of the search results you don’t want never to be seen. At RPJK Services we look to help you dominate your market. The first step in SEO should be a digital marketing blueprint.

RPJK Services and the Video Services we can provide in Canberra and Beyond

We have extensive video production experience and also are able to provide cutting edge methods to promote your brand, product or business. Watch the video to learn more.

Video services provided by RPJK Services

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In this video Rob Keating outlines some of the video services provided by RPJK Services, including video editing and management of live streaming events
We are based in the Canberra suburb of Gungahlin and have a studio that you are able to visit to be filmed in using our green screen setup or you could even run a live event from here. We have NBN to allow for good streaming speeds. RPJK Services can also travel to help run a live streaming event within Australia. We can also provide consultancy advice if you want to go it alone.

Mini Market Analysis Report

You might be surprised just how much money you are missing out on. Most businesses get it wrong when going online. They don’t have a solid marketing plan and are missing out on a lot of business.

To get an idea of the market you are competing in enter your details in the form below and you will receive a Mini Market Analysis Report at no cost

We will be in touch when the report is ready (normally within 48 hours)


Core Services

Search Engine Optimisation

Let us help you dominate Canberra SEO in your industry.

Video Services

Video editing, filming or live steaming events

Website Design

Update or optimise your current website or have a new website designed for you.

Some of our services

Below you can learn about some of the services we provide to grow your business

Website Design

The key to your marketing

Video Marketing

Grow your brand

Digital Marketing

It all starts with a Digital Marketing Blueprint…
Use video to better connect with customers or clients

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