How Damaging is a Bad Online Reputation?

How Damaging is a Bad Online Reputation?

Today with the wide acceptance of online media a business’s reputation online can be damaged with just one bad review.¬†Unfortunately, angry customers, unscrupulous competitors, and even former employees can leave dishonest reviews without your knowledge or control.

One bad review can sit there for all to see and influence whether or not customers pick up the phone to call you. You might even be unaware that a bad review has been posted. Here at RPJK Services we can provide you with a custom Reputation Report that will reveal exactly what your customers are saying about you. RPJK Services are experts who repair, defend and market the online reputation of local businesses.

A five star reputation can be as good as gold. It does not matter if you reputation is good or bad you need to take steps to either create a five star repuation, or better market your existing five star reputation. Remember you are just one customer away from a bad reputation.

You  can get your businesses Reputation Report for free by going to this page: Normal value is $197.00.

You just need to enter your businesses phone number in the form below and click on the Get Your Free Report button.

5 Star Online Reputation Gold vs Good Name



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