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Thank you page offers

Marketing tip from Rob at RPJK Services about thank you page offers

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Transcript from video
Hi there it is Rob Keating from RPJK Services with my marketing minute.

On the screen now you can see a thank you page from Adobe, what happened was yesterday I installed Adobe flash and as I stepped through the process at the end of it they popped up this thank you page.

And as you can see they are making an offer to join the creative cloud memberships subscription for 9.99 a month, so instead of just saying thanks for installing adobe they put up this cute puppy dog photo and make an offer where I can buy something straight away, so that is something you should consider if you have a mailing list, and if you don’t that is another thing, but you should, if you have a mailing list when someone joins that mailing list at the end of the process normally there is a thank you page so that is the perfect opportunity to make an offer like this, or if you are selling products, thanks for purchasing and make another offer. As long as it is relative and a good offer.

So that’s my marketing minute with Rob from RPJK Services.

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