Website Design and Setup

Would you ask a builder to build a house without a plan? Unless you like big surprises you most likely answered no. It is a crazy to even consider this. It is the same when it comes to building a website. It is unwise to build it and hope that people come. The first step in the process should be to have a Digital Marketing Blueprint created. This is your marketing plan and gives you a clear guide to follow.

The most effective style of website in the eyes of Google is a silo structured website. It does not need as many links to rank well in Google when compared to non-silo websites.


We have extensive experience with website design and setup. This goes back to the late 90’s when Rob setup the Intranet for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. He would later setup hundreds of websites over the years and keeps up-to-date with industry trends. Rob also has a very good knowledge of Digital Marketing and will include those aspects in the setup of a silo structured website.

Making a website accessible to as many people as possible is also an important consideration. Sites are designed to work on a variety of devices including mobile, tablet and desktop as well as giving consideration to vision impaired users.

A business website should instantly convey what is the purpose of the site and showcase products and services. The site should also make it easy for customers and clients to contact the business or visit the business. For advanced marketing there should also be consideration be given to collecting email addresses from visitors after offering them some useful information or an incentive. They can then be marketed to on a frequent basis.

Some clients of RPJK Services include Benchmarc Kitchens & Joinery, Little Siam Thai Restaurant, Noble Style and Miller Bathroom Renovations.

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